About Us

To know is to love.

Don’t you wish there was a magical support hotline that told you exactly what to do when your pet has mysterious—ahem—tummy troubles at 4 a.m. or chewed through electrical cords for the umpteenth time? A place where you could find a kind, understanding ear and expert insight when dealing with an unexpected health diagnosis?

Now there is. Say goodbye to those frantic pillow side internet searches and hello to PupWise, the first pet parenting platform with all the community wisdom, expert advice, and cutting-edge resources to help you make the best, most informed decisions for your pup.

Built by and for pet parents, PupWise connects you to expert-vetted content and a supportive community full of pet parents navigating similar challenges. Whatever questions you’re facing, someone on PupWise has been there, done that, got the t-shirt, and can’t wait to share their wisdom. And with our highly personalized community feed, finding information and resources pertinent to your specific concerns has never been easier.

Our goal is to make PupWise an indispensable community of support, advice, and parenting tools that keep you on your best parenting game. The result? Confident, educated decision-making so you and your pet have more time to enjoy together.

Less stress. More time to love.

Vail and Ken sign off